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2 oz. / 16 oz. - 20 PPM Colloidal Silver

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Image of 2 oz. / 16 oz.  -  20 PPM Colloidal Silver
  • Image of 2 oz. / 16 oz.  -  20 PPM Colloidal Silver

This Colloidal Silver is 20 PPM.

This essential metal has been shown to kill disease-causing pathogens, viruses, and bacterial. It is used widely as a natural antibiotic.

Colloidal Silver is best used for:

Your 20 PPM bottle of Colloidal Silver will be in clear glass. After several years, if your Silver loses its color and turns clear it is degraded, no longer carrying potential, and should be discarded. For best results store in a dark place as it is sensitive to UV Rays.

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