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4 oz. Good Life, Good Scrub (amazing/organic peach pit face scrub)

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Image of 4 oz. Good Life, Good Scrub  (amazing/organic peach pit face scrub)

Exclusive and wonderful small batch, that won't be available again until late summer!

4 oz. Good life, Good scrub

Ingredients: Local, dehydrated, ground peach pits from Good Life Farm, DDF honey, DDF rosewater

Peach pits are rich in conditioning oils for soft, supple skin and acts as a mild humectant to attract additional moisture to the surface of the skin. Will remove dead skin and preps skin for moisturizer. Then add the ultra clarifying rose water and the antibacterial properties and antioxidants in honey and it's pure gold!

It is a wonderful exfoliant and smells like peaches and cream! 💜🐝

This, like most things, would go great with our perfect skin cream! So, for a limited time add a jar for only $12 more!

Don't wait, this won't last long and there are only a couple left!

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