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♥️🍯2019 Apothecary blend Raw, organically produced Honey

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Pure & Raw, 100% organically produced Honey. There is a summer and fall apothecary blend available this year both comprised of various organically produced vegetables, fruits, flowers, medicinal herbs.
We have a plethora of organic fruits, vegetables, medicinal herbs, and flowers for our bees to not only feed off of but also pack our honey full of that goodness. They both have that awesome deep and rich flavor that is indicative of a truly raw and pure honey. Filtered, but never heated making this honey raw and packed with beneficial enzymes and nutrients.

We do not treat our bees or crops with any chemicals and use permaculture farming techniques.

Made with care and love. ♥️🐝🍯

And as always if picking up from our lockbox on County Route 60 in Elmira, use code PICKUP for free shipping, at checkout! Make sure to press OK after you enter the code. Then, send us an email at deaddogfarmhoney@gmail.com and let us know the time and date you would like to pick up, and we will send you directions!!
Thanks! 😉

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