8 oz . Ostara Seasonal Cider ~ Single Batch

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Our ☆Spring☆ Seasonal Cider is here❗️

Ostara is a single batch creation, that was made with care during the Spring Equinox, and is filled with action packed plants and fungi that were 90% farm grown or wild harvested. ❤️

A raw, apple cider vinegar base + filled with spring tonic + detoxifying, mineral & vitamin rich, organic ingredients with a laundry list of herbal actions.

ingredients like~
astragalus, *basil, *thai basil, *reishi, *onion, alfalfa, *purple basil, *rosemary, *burdock root, *turmeric, black pepper, *rosehips, *borage, *motherwort, *dandelion leaf, *ginger leaf, *ground ivy, echinacea, elderberies, *cleavers, *hawthorn berries, *lionsmane, *maiitake, *shiitake, *black trumpet mushrooms, *raspberry leaf, *nettle, *oregano, *sage, *thyme, *mullein leaf, our honey, raw apple cider vinegar

*=farm or locally wild harvested

It is deliciously tangy, savory, and a little sweet. 
I will enjoy taking a shot straight up like our OG Fire Cider, adding to soups, salads, sauces, rice + legume dishes, and anything else I cook up.
For not only flavor, but also for real, in-season vital nutrients. 🌿✨️

Single batch, so act fast!

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