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INTRODUCING the Back to School Kit! 👨‍👦
7 AMAZING products at an $18 SAVINGS!!

Most everything you need to get through the beginning of school & then some ~

☆Garlic Mullein Ear oil for ear and upper respiratory distress

☆Elder Flower Tincture for immunity, acute and prevention of colds, flus, etc

☆Herbal Mosquito Spray because it works and those little disease carrying buggers are abundant right now!

☆Bill's Bee Balm with peppermint for gut soothing and chapped lips alike

☆First Aid Salve for ALL the playground boo boos

☆Kick Your Cold Cough Syrup for all things colds, flus, sore throats, coughs, you name it.

And, finally~
☆Coffee Wrinkle & Eye Cream because mom (or dad!) needs a prize too for all their hard work parenting!! ♡

Available & DISCOUNTED now in limited quantity because, small batch. 😉

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