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N E W tincture alert!!


Purslane's leaves contain alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid usually derived from fish or flaxseed, and EPA and DHA, longer-chain omega-3s rarely found in any food except fish and fish oil. (A new study also just came out stating fish oils are basically useless!)

The leaves contain more omega-3s than any other leafy vegetable, making it an excellent source for both vegetarians and those concerned about mercury content in fish.

Omega-3s nourish brain cells, lower cholesterol, support the immune system, help regulate blood pressure, and may decrease the risk of depression, hyperactivity, migraines, and Alzheimer's disease.
Purslane is also a source of calcium, potassium, iron, glutathione, essential amino acids, and vitamins E, C and A.

Medieval herbalists used it for "hot" conditions such as "burning" heart and liver. It was used for head pain "proceeding from the heat, want of sleep or the frenzy." Greeks called it a "blood-cleansing" herb. It was also used in inflammatory conditions such as gout, swollen gums (in fact, it was considered very healthy for the teeth), and eye inflammation. In Mexico, purslane is considered good for diabetics.

We are always recommending omega supplements to our customer family, so having this tincture now available is a dream come true for us. Especially when you look at all of the additional filler ingredients in many capsules, consumed, and in need of digestion.

This beautiful tincture was farm wild foraged and is available online or in person. ♡

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