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Image of PRE SALE 2022 Halloween DDF Tee 🎃

PRE SALE 2022 Halloween DDF Tee 🎃

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☆Howl-o-ween T-Shirt Pre Sale❗️🎃☆


Before we were anything, back in 2010, we established our little permaculture farm, Dead Dog Farm.
We never thought we would transform into what we are today, so we never thought we would have to explain our name to anyone.
And, it is quite polarizing to anyone who first hears it.

But DDF is our roots. Our beginning.

Dead dog farm is a story of empathy based on this old legend:

'Of all the people in the world, the best and the worst are drawn to a dead dog.
Most turn away.
Only those with the purest of heart can feel its pain… And somewhere in between the rest of us struggle'♡

It is the epitome of empathizing with the pain of another living, or even dead, being. Taking it on, understanding it, and even appreciating it.
All things come to an end, all living things cease.
And dying is a huge part of life and living.

So, to bring a new light to our farm name we thought we would do a Halloween themed shirt. ♡

A design and print made by the local and talented Dani Reber Art & it is on pre-sale until Sunday.
Adorned with our 3 very alive and very spoiled pups, dressed as ghosts. 🐾❤️

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