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💥Single Batch💥 Seasonal Herb & Fresh Raw Honey Syrup!

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4 oz Herbs ➕ Honey =
(Honey Clubbers reach out for special prcing!)

We made a single batch Seasonal Herb Fresh raw honey syrup!
Whoa what a mouthful! 😁

Honey is extremely medicinal to begin with, chocked full of vitamins minerals enzymes; truly one of the most nutrient rich foods known to humankind! Especially when it is chemical-free raw and straight from the comb!
And 🍯 of course is known to aid in seasonal allergy relief!💯

Then add to it 3 fresh picked, seasonal medicinal herbs: Forsythia, Violet & Lilac.
Each having a wide range of plant powers.

Spring herbs have specific & highly purposeful properties.
After a long winter/hibernation our bodies need what these amazing herbs offer us. Spring plants primarily offer us these actions:
Increase the elimination of urine from the body
Promote circulation and improve lymphatic flow
Aid in the elimination of waste from the bowel through bulking or stimulating effects. (From all of the winter, rich and fatty foods.

Used for a flu, fever, swollen lymph glands, upper respiratory tract infections, acute bronchitis, acute endometriosis, measles, acute tonsilities, encephalitis B, meningitis, whooping cough, more. As with many other herbs with an action on the lymphatic system, it has a long tradition of use in the treatment of cancer.
Violet is cooling and moistening and is used internally as a blood cleanser and respiratory remedy.
These beautiful purple flowers also have a long history of use as a cough remedy, and functions as an expectorant, as well as an anti-inflammatory.
Violets may also be useful in the therapy of disorders related to an overactive immune system as well as for the respiratory system, especially in children, and can soften a dry harsh cough and help soothe sore tissues associated with colds and flu. Violet flowers also have an infinity for cleansing the lymphatic system.
Historically, lilac, a powerful astringent herb, and has been used as a anti-periodic. Anti-periodic basically means that it stops the recurrence of disease such as malaria. There has been some studies that indicate a febrifuge action which may help bring down fever.
Lilac is also very fragrant, floral and delicious tasting.

Act fast, limited batch!

And as always if picking up from our lockbox in Elmira:
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