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1.7 oz. Witch Hazel - Rose or Straight up!


Image of 1.7 oz. Witch Hazel - Rose or Straight up!

1.7 oz. Witch Hazel - Rose or Straight up!

Ingredients: Straight Up Witch Hazel - SUPER astringent -
Premium Polish Grain Alcohol
Organic Witch Hazel Bark

Ingredients: Straight Up Witch Hazel WITH ROSE - SUPER astringent -
Premium Polish Grain Alcohol
Organic Witch Hazel Bark
Bespoke Apothecary Rose Water

A little bit about this powerful astringent:

Because witch hazel is a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, it’s effective as a “free radical scavenger,” meaning it helps protect against DNA damage and tumor growth. Oxidative stress and free radical damage build up over time from exposure to things like UV light, pollution, a poor diet, stress and so on. Plants like witch hazel that are high in polyphenols are the same kind used to create anti-aging nutritional supplements that slow down disease development by protecting cells.

The skin is our largest and most vulnerable organ, so it could use all the support it can get. Skin is our natural barrier to the outside world and provides us with protection against UV radiation, chemicals in our food supply, bacteria and other germs, and environmental pollutants.

All of the “stress” that our bodies deal with every day, both internally and externally, show up on our skin in the form of aging, puffiness, infections, inflammation and sensitivities. That’s why we rely on eating and using natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to help curb inflamed and diseased cells.

Herbal plant therapies for skin disorders have been used for thousands of years, and today many traditional herbs are being reintroduced, studied extensively and experiencing a resurgence in popularity since many chemical treatments don’t always work or they have harsh side effects.

Witch hazel has been used for centuries to naturally help treat and prevent:

skin sores
redness and swelling
ingrown hairs
psoriasis or eczema
oily skin
excess sweating
varicose veins
cracked or blistered skin
insect bites
poison ivy
irritated scalp
sunburn and melanoma
razor burn
mucous membrane inflammation
allergic reactions

Best to use after our honey face wash and before perfect skin cream!

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