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1 oz. Monotropa Uniflora (Ghost Pipe) Tincture ♥️

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Image of 1 oz. Monotropa Uniflora (Ghost Pipe) Tincture ♥️

1 oz. Monotropa Uniflora (Ghost Pipe)
Tincture ♥️
Locally and wild foraged at our farm, with love and respect.

Indian pipe is a tonic, sedative, nervine, and antispasmodic.
Can provide relief of physical and emotional pain, insomnia, anxiety, various mental disorders and is grounding.
It has also been employed in febrile diseases, as a sedative and diaphoretic. Known to aid in restlessness, pains, nervous irritability, etc., as a substitute for opium, without any deleterious influences. It is reputed to have eased remittent and intermittent fevers, and to be an excellent antiperiodic. In convulsions of children, epilepsy, chorea, and other spasmodic affections.

To be used only under our guidance. We will send instructions for use. Use orally in juice or water.

Very Limited batch as we use sustainable and respectful harvesting practices.

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