ZOOM RECORDING ~ Herbs for Women + Hormone Balancing, and Thriving During Menopause Class

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As a 40-something year old woman, holistic breast cancer survivor, and an herbalist, I have a lot to say on the topic of hormone balancing, herbs for women, thriving during menopause, and SO much more.

We will be taking a deep dive into all aspects of the many factors that affect your endocrine system, specific herbs for specific imbalances, food, products, and MORE!
Getting down and dirty, leaving nothing out. ♡

So, come and learn with me at the beautiful 360 Aurora, while drinking a cup of Women's Tea, or from the comfort of your own home.

We get more messages and hear from more women who seek this information, and I am so excited to bring this topic into light with our beloved community. ❤️


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