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2 oz. D R E A M * C R E A M with magnesium and so much more


Image of 2 oz.  D R E A M  *  C R E A M  with magnesium and so much more

One of the best and most efficient ways to supplement magnesium (a wonderful essential mineral that aids a healthy sleep cycle and more) is to apply it topically to a 'fat dense' area of the body. . .

So why not create a cream that is packed with powerful natural ingredients to smooth areas of cellulite and stretch marks, TOO!?!? (Because isn't that also a fat dense area?!)

And just like that... ☁️D R E A M CREAM☁️
-The ultimate Self-Care Cream, was born!

The BEST ingredients for...
stretch marks &
a good night's sleep!

Beyond organic Ingredients:
Coffee Castor Oil,
Coconut oil,
Cocoa butter,
Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
Aloe Vera,
Witch Hazel,
Magnesium Oil,
Vitamin E,
& Rosemary Essential Oil

Comes in a 2 oz. amber jar...for now! ;) If local and have PRE-arranged pick up set up please use code SHIPFREE at checkout for free shipping!

(Safe for kids!)