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2 oz. Organic All-Natural Miracle Grains Face Polish

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Image of 2 oz. Organic All-Natural Miracle Grains Face Polish

2 oz. Organic Miracle Grains Face Polish. This proprietary recipe includes:
*ALL ORGANIC: (in order of quantity)
***We either grow it or source it out from Mountain Rose Herbs
(Finely ground and hand sifted)
White Clay
Ground Oats
Ground Almonds
Ground Lavender
Ground Poppy Seeds
Ground Roses
Baking Soda
Lavender and Roman Chamomile EO

This blend works to cleanse, gently buff away impurities and bring about super soft skin and a radiant glow. Especially when paired with green tea serum during the day and perfect skin cream at night. This product is great for all skin types including aging and acne. Use with water, as a mask, with our calendula jojoba, our honey face wash, or with any favorite organic/natural face wash. Add in your favorite essential oils. You can even add in DDF honey straight (GREAT detoxifier and draws out impurities) OR add to rosewater and use as a super exfoliating astringent! Such an earthy, versatile way to naturally cleanse your face. This is a fabulous base to any skin cleansing regime!

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