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3 oz. Men's Tea for Vitality

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Image of 3 oz. Men's Tea for Vitality
  • Image of 3 oz. Men's Tea for Vitality

Rosemary Gladstar once said, if you love your man, feed him hawthorn.  That stuck with me, because, I love mine.
So, naturally I had to learn m o r e....
Hawthorne berry, flower and leaf all have powerful medicinal properties for men and women.   It is a strong cardiovascular herb.  It is even said that it helps men in particular express their feelings/emotions effectively. 
Hawthorn has the power to address deep emotional wounds that weigh heavy on the heart.   
It is also Loaded with antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties, it is known to lower blood pressure, decrease blood fats, aids digestion, Helps prevent hair loss, reduces depression and anxiety and is used to treat heart failure, and so much more!   

And the berry and leaf are just 2 of the amazing 8 herbs in this master blend for vitality!

It tastes amazing and don't worry ladies, you can drink this too.  Though we did blend a tea specially for you as well.  ;)

Organic herbs in this tea blend:
Hawthorn Berry
Hawthorn Leaf
Lemon Balm
Milky Oats
Hibiscus (YUM!)
Horny Goat Weed

Since this is a heavy tea we did 3 oz. instead of our usual 2 oz. ;)

So yummy. Steep for 5-15 mins and enjoy with local raw honey!