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American Ginseng
(Panax quinquefolius)

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American Ginseng is a plant native to the deciduous forests of North America whose root has been a well studied and treasured medicinal in East Asia since 196AD. 

Centuries ago, people thought that the ginseng root resembled a human and that this was a hint of its medicinal value. Because the root resembled 'man', they believed it could be used to treat man, a concept known as the Doctrine of Signatures. 
Ginseng has also been termed as a Panacea herb. 
Panacea, named after the Greek goddess of universal remedy, is termed as a remedy that is claimed to aid in all diseases and to prolong life indefinitely. 

Throughout history, the harvest and trade of American ginseng has been a booming business. Even today, its dried roots can fetch as much as 600 dollars+ a pound.
Which has naturally (and sadly) lead to the over harvesting of this incredible, vital plant and why, for our tincture, we use ethically and responsibly cultivated ginseng root. 

Long before North America was colonized, various indigenous peoples used ginseng in medicine. Ojibwe Midewiwin, spiritual leaders skilled in medicine, used the root for digestive troubles and pain relief. Muscogee people used a poultice of the root to staunch bleeding and a tea to treat respiratory conditions and fevers. The Meskwaki people of the Great Lakes region have used it as both an aphrodisiac and as a panacea.

American Ginseng is one of the only longevity herbs that we previously didn't have available for our community....until now...♡

Some of the incredible, known benefits include:
~Rejuvenating tonic
~Libido, fertility & erectile dysfunction
~Immune system boosting properties
~Adaptogenic / stress reducer
~Nervine tonic
~Memory & Concentration support
~Lowers blood glucose and cholesterol
~Boosts energy
~Improves concentration & brain function
~Reduces inflammation / Anti-inflammatory
~Anti cancer / Antioxidant
~Improves mental clarity

We are so thrilled to have this plant medicine available for our beloved community.  ❤️

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