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2 oz. AntiOxidant Tea

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This TEA!!🌱🙌
Inspired by my journey and the fact that I never want anyone to have to hear those 3 words; You Have Cancer.♥️

ALL of the super anti-cancer & anti-aging herbs, wrapped into 1 delicious package:

Organic Herbal Blend:
♥️Tulsi/Holy Basil (Rama & Vana)
🌱Hibiscus Flowers
♥️Red Clover
🌱Farm Grown Ginger Leaves
♥️Farm Grown Turmeric Leaves

The herbs:
Made with the powerhouse herb red clover which is said to be the best single herbal supplement for prevention and treatment of cancer. This super herb assists the body in effectively removing metabolic waste and prohibits the attachment of abnormal cells. 💯
We also included a personal favorite, Tulsi/holy basil which also has many clinical studies under her belt showing that she has activity and utility in fighting and preventing cancer, all on her own.🙌
We then added in our farm grown organic ginger and turmeric leaves for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory super powers.
And finally, beautiful hibiscus flowers. Not only are they delicious but also another mighty antioxidant herb that in a clinical setting as been proven to reduce the growth of cancer cells.
But these herbs don't stop there. They can also help reduce outside stressors on the body, cleanse the liver, boost immune response, improve cardiovascular health, and so much more.
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