SOLD OUT THANK YOU! Bats are Beautiful T-shirt campaign to raise money for Pennsylvania Bat Rescue

$25.00 - $26.00 / Sold Out / On Sale

All proceeds being donated to Pennsylvania Bat Rescue!!!!
Design made by the talented Dani Reber!♡

☆This is a pre-sale that ends on Earth Day, April 22!!
Then shirts will be ready/sent several weeks after that because they will be individually hand made by a small business with love.

2 ink color choices, black or cream -- choose your favorite. ♡

🦇 Bats are beautiful!
And they are a struggling indicator species. Meaning, their health reflects the health of us, and our home/planet. And many bat species are facing extinction, including our native (and adorable) Little Brown Bat.

SO in an effort to raise awareness, as well as directly help out some bats in need, we had the idea to sell these beautiful 🦇 t shirts (thanks to the stunning work of @dani) and give 100% of the proceeds to an amazing regional bat rescue group, Pennsylvania Bat Rescue to help them, help bats.

This is our 3rd campaign to help the bats, and we will not stop here!
We love nature, and all of her creatures big and small.❤️

🦇✨️Bats are amazing creatures that are vital to the health of our natural world and economy.🦇

Bats have been on Earth for more than 50 million years. With more than 1,400 species, they are the second largest order of mammals, (our winged cousins!) and are widely dispersed across six continents. Globally, bats provide vital ecosystem services in the form of insect pest consumption/control, plant pollination, (if you like tequila, thank a bat!) and seed dispersal, making them essential to the health of global ecosystems. 🦇

Today, bats are under unprecedented threat from widespread habitat destruction, accelerated climate change, invasive species, diseases and other stresses. Without concerted international action, their populations will continue to fall, driving many species to extinction. Which effects us humans, and other animals, more than many people realize.

As bat populations continue to decline worldwide, their potential for extinction only grows. While some of the challenges they face are endemic to their order, such as their slow gestation periods and diseases like White-nose Syndrome, and the primary cause of their decline is human activity. 🦇

We have many bat boxes around our farm and love watching them in the evening as they help keep not only pesky mosquitoes at bay, but also many other insects that are a threat to our crops. (Bats save farmer's 1 Billion dollars annually by controlling these insects on crops!)

So please join us and help out an incredible organization that has dedicated their lives to preserving bats!

Thank you for caring about nature!!!!!

~"One cannot look deeply into the eyes of an animal and not see the same depth, complexity and feelings we humans lay exclusive claim to." - Nan Sea Love.