Bulk Switchel + Sportchel ~ gallons, half gallons + quarts🌿 ☆ORDER FOR THE WEEK BY SUNDAY!☆

$18.00 - $55.00 / On Sale

PLEASE READ❗️❗️❗️ These are not immediately available....

If out of stock, more will be available on Monday, for the following week, so please check back... Thank you!
(& 16 oz. bottles are still available!)

☆These are made to order and not immediately available☆
PLEASE READ this entire description to understand the process for ordering ~

Do you love our Switchel + Sportchel beverages so much you need to have it in bulk?
We got you! (And there is a huge savings buying it this way too!😉)

Just order weekly by SUNDAY, and you can pick up from Thursday on, after we make it FRESH for you on Wednesday, each and every week. (Or we will ship half gallons or quarts)
~e-mail [email protected] to arrange pick up)

We can ship quarts and half gallons (Please only order 1 per order) but not gallons, so please only order gallons for local lockbox pick up.

Thank you! ♡

*good indefinitely until opened, 2 months once opened.

Thank you for reading this entire description!