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Castor Oil Compress kit

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Image of Castor Oil Compress kit
  • Image of Castor Oil Compress kit

We have used a castor oil abdominal compress as an effective detox when battling illness, going through lyme disease flare ups, going through cancer, and something as simple as a stye or a cold sore! The oil works to stimulate your gut and lymphatic system to process toxins through your body as well as draw it out through your skin!
This process never fails us and we talk about it often, but never have a good way to convey the process to people let alone find a good source for the tools needed to perform this detox...until now.

You will get all that you need to do this at home. AND this kit will get you more than 30 detox compresses out of it!!

Here is what you get:

-4 oz organic and pure castor oil
-1 piece of organic wool flannel
-Step by step detailed instructions

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