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1 oz. 4 oz. & NEW 8 oz. DDF Honey natural Face Wash

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Image of 1 oz. 4 oz. & NEW 8 oz. DDF Honey natural Face Wash

4 oz. DDF Raw Honey Face Wash This proprietary recipe includes:
(*all organic)
***We either grow it or source it out from Mountain Rose Herbs

DDF raw honey
mountain rose herbs castille soap
DDF grown calendula and jojoba oil
vitamin E oil
Mountain rose herbs aloe vera
Mountian rose herbs organic Lavender and Frankincense EO
Rosehip oil

Honey isn't known as a super food for no reason! It's also super for any skin type!
Honey is great for acne treatment and prevention because of it's antibacterial properties. In my experience, it draws the impurities out while majorly speeding up healing. And to chime in with our anti-aging product theme, our raw honey that is added has antioxidants to slow down aging. And lastly, honey and calendula oil is moisturizing and soothing to the skin.

Try adding with our miracle grains for a mask or for an exfoliating wash.

My personal skin regime starts off with honey face wash and a couple of times a week I add in the miracle grains for exfoliation. Then in the morning tone with queen of hungary's water and in the evening tone with rose water. I applied directly to face, but you can use a cotton round if you don't like that method. Moisturize in the morning with green tea serum and then the evening, or when skin is very dry, with the perfect skin cream.

Don't worry it is not sticky, and please shake before using for best results. I suggest giving any of our products a week, and you'll be in love.

And as always if picking up from our lockbox on County Route 60 in Elmira, use code PICKUP for free shipping, at checkout! Make sure to press OK after you enter the code. Then, send us an email at deaddogfarmhoney@gmail.com and let us know the time and date you would like to pick up, and we will send you directions!!
Thanks! 😉♥️