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《Polygonum multiflorum》

Fo-ti one of the most widely praised tonic herbs in Chinese herbal medicine, some claiming that it is second only to Ginseng in reputation and use. In China, fo-ti has a long history of reversing and preventing the effects of aging.

This incredible longevity herb is a tonic for the Liver and Kidney organ systems. As such, it helps nourishes the blood and revitalizes the body’s essence, or Jing, as well as supports the bones and tendons.

In China, Fo-ti was used by the noble class for vitality and graceful aging. Fo-ti works by nourishing points on the Liver meridian that correspond to hair growth, namely on the scalp. In addition, by fortifying Kidney essence, Fo-ti acts like an anti-aging supplement due to the fact that Kidney organ system is the chief organ system responsible for the aging process. 

A bittersweet, astringent, slightly warming herb, it was first recorded in the Ri Huazi Bencao (Tang Dynasty, 713AD) as a key remedy for the elderly. The Chinese common name for fo-ti is "He-Shou-Wu," and its history is rich in legend.

He Shou Wu (meaning "the black-haired Mr. He") was the name of a Tang Dynasty man, who, at fifty-eight years of age, had been unable to father a child. He was advised to take Fo-Ti Root and then not only fathered several children, but his hair turned from gray to black, and his body became more

He lived to 160 years of age (still with black hair!), while his child lived to be 130. The fo-ti root was said to aid in his infertility and his long life was attributed to the tonic properties of this herb.

Regarded as the “Elixir of Life” by many in Asia, this legendary herb has a very colourful history. It has a reputation for enhancing longevity and energy, and has been used for centuries to boost libido, fertility, to maintain hair and hair color, and rejuvenate the nerves and brain cells. It ia even said to protect against alzheimer's and dementia.

Hailed as the “Cure to Old Age”, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has used it to treat anything from acne and athletes foot to constipation and erectile dysfunction.

Laboratory studies and clinical practice have demonstrated that Fo-ti possesses various biological and therapeutic actions, including anti-tumor, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-HIV, liver protection,  nephroprotection, antidiabetic, anti-alopecia, and anti-atherosclerotic activities.It has been also reported to exert preventive activity against neurodegenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases and to reduce hyperlipidemia as well. 

What a powerhouse herb, with a long and esteemed history!  ♡

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