Lymph Lotion ~ for the love of your lymphatic system

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Great results reported!
From others but also this breast cancer survivor and Lymphedema warrior who created this special cream!

~use as a daily moisturizer, massaging with love into skin, especially areas of lymph congestion, edema and swollen glands.
Use also on lymphatic drainage points like underrms, groin, neck, stomach to help move congestion and stagnation.

And specially + carefully formulated for all of the lymphedema warriors out there!

Organic ingredients:
Aloe Vera
Distilled water
Coconut oil
Shea butter
Cocoa butter
Castor oil
In-apothecary infused poke oil, japanese Knotweed oil (in EVOO), cleavers, calendula & chamomile extract
Vitamin e
Tangerine & rosemary essential oils

Why Lymph Lotion?
This 100% natural + organic cream was designed with multiple layers of botanical ingredients known to clear and cleanse lymphatic congestion.
The star ingredient is our farm wild harvested and in-apothecary infused poke root oil.
Poke root is a powerful topical cleansing remedy, used to help especially when the lymphatic system has become congested or stagnant, causing swelling/edema.
The primary plant constituents that aid in this way are jagilonic acid (diuretic), oleanolic acid (antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory), tannins, betalain type alkaloids (betanidine, betanine, isobetanine, isobetanidine, isoprebetanine, phytolaccine, prenetanine), triterpene saponins (phytolaccosides A-1, D2, O and associated aglycones), and at last five immunostimulant, cysteine-rich glycoprotein lectins also known as pokeweed mitogens (PWM) Pa1 through Pa5. Other constituents include genins (esculentic acid and phytolaccagenic acid), histamine (accounting for its anti-allergy effects), GABA, isomamericanin A, PAP (pokeweed antiviral protein), spinasterol, sterols, starch, saccharose, and potassium salts.
The other active ingredients that are known to aid in breaking up lymphatic congestion are castor oil, which draws out, our in apothecary infused Japanese knotweed oil, which is a well known and widely used anti-inflammatory, as well as our calendula, chamomile and cleavers extracts that are also well known and widely used plants to decrease lymphatic congestion. And finally, the light (only 1% ratio) scents of rosemary and tangerine essential oils which are also plants that are allies to your lymphatic system.
*Keep in mind that everything that you put your skin is absorbed into your largest and most porous organ, your 7 layers of epidermis and then your lymphatic system. That is why what you put on your skin is very important. And many commercial lotions have known endocrine disrupting and carcinogenic ingredients!

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