BACK IN STOCK!! Turkey Tail Double Extraction Mushroom Tincture


N E W!

Let's Talk Turkey Tail! πŸ„β™‘πŸ’―

We have had a long love affair with this magical fungi, going back to 12 years ago when I was deep in the midst of my own holistic cancer journey.

We have been searching for her so that we could make locally wild foraged medicine, and this year our woods gave us gifts a plenty of this incredible mushroom. πŸ™

And we have carefully made a double extraction tincture of Turkey Tail, just for you. β™‘πŸ„

Why Tremetes Versicolor?
Turkey tail mushrooms have been widely studied in China & Japan, particularly, for its immune stimulating polysaccharides.
More than 400 clinical studies have been published in Japan in the past 30 some years showing benefits to immune system with or without chemotherapy & radiation.
This mighty fungus can actually enhance the effects of radiation or chemotherapy in cancer patients. It stops the spread of tumors by disabling enzymes that allow tumor cells to break out of the matrix that holds healthy cells in place.Β 
There are hundreds of papers to support Turkeytail mushroom's amazing ability to inhibit tumor growth & is highly effective when used against many types of cancers, even by suppressing tumor cell attachment.Β 
One clinical trials even found that while using turkey tail with chemotherapy, the 10 year survival rate was 81.1%!

But this amazing fungi doesn't stop there.
Turkey tail has mighty antiviral properties that can even go so far as to inhibit viruses like HIV.Β 

The chemical compounds found in turkey tail contain an array of benefits. From improving the function of blood vessels spleen and immune enhancement toΒ  prolonging the activity of antibiotics and increasing sensitivity of antibiotic-resistant bacteria working in a synergistic manner in cases of MRSA.

Also fantastic at lowering cholesterol in clinical trial, as well as reversing diseases of the kidney's, and shows activity against hypertension, leaky gut, diabetes, thrombosis, lupus/autoimmune diseases as a whole, lung diseases, rheumatism & more!

Spiritually, turkey tail essence is said to help bring you face to face with love + nurturing all parts of yourself, all parts of you belong. Increasing your self awareness. πŸ™βœ¨