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8 oz. Gorgeous Hair Treatment and Rinse - Larger size & now in a spray bottle!


Image of 8 oz. Gorgeous Hair Treatment and Rinse - Larger size & now in a spray bottle!

This is now double the size and in a heavy duty amber glass spray bottle for easy application!

Gorgeous Hair Treatment and Rinse:

If you haven’t used an ACV hair rinse before, I am not sure what you are waiting for! Here are the benefits: Balance Hair & Sebum pH, Antibacterial and Antifungal Properties, Cleansing and Clarifying, Add Natural Body & Define Curls, Detangles, Reduces Frizz, Adds Shine, Reduce Porosity of the Hair, Stimulate Hair Growth & Prevent Hair Loss AND Prevents Split Ends & Breakage… Need I say more? 😊

And don't worry, once rinsed, the AVC smell will not overpower!

ALL ORGANIC ingredients:
Raw ACV Aceta infusion of lemon balm, roses, calendula, comfrey leaf,
lemon peel, chamomile, rosemary and sage,
Rose hip oil, Calendula Jojoba Oil,
Rose, Lavender and Peppermint essential oils

Directions for use: Apply well and evenly to wet hair in the shower, rinse after 10 minutes. Before or after washing, or in replace of. My favorite method is to wash, then use this as my conditioner 1-2 times a week!y

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