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S W I T C H E L ❤

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Our version of S W I T C H E L started out as a fresh beverage that we made for a market last year and it was such a hit that we have to have it at every market we attend!
S W I T C H E L or 'haymaker's punch' has been coined the first gatorade due to its thirst quenching powers and dates back to the 1700's.
This amazing anti-inflammatory version has aided many people with their inflammation battle. (Remember, inflammation is disease)

It is comprised of:
*FRESH, LOCAL, ORGANIC juiced ginger and turmeric root
*Organic Lemon juice
*Organic Raw apple cider vinegar
*Our raw/organically produced honey🐝

1 16 oz reusable jar for $6, 2 for $11
And local people, order a gallon for $40!!
It stays fresh for 1 month.

If pre-arranged pick up or delivery, please use pickup17 at check out. 😉