Summer Seasonal Tonic -- ✨️Single batch🌿 SALE 2 FOR $20

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This super special, single batch, herbal magic frozen in time cider tonic is loaded with the best summer herbs. 35 wild foraged or farm grown ingredients with a myriad of herbal actions, each. From detoxifying to immune boosting to uplifting!

Delicious, naturally sweet yet tangy and sour... great on a salad, in a mocktail or cocktail, an seasonal/ immune boosting daily shot or in any recipe!

One unique batch so act fast before it's gone!

Organic Ingredients:
Raw ACV, *our honey, Lemons, *Raspinberries, *Ginger, *Rosehips, *Plantain, *Wormwood, *Wild Bergamot, *Red Clover, *Mullein Leaf & Flower, *Motherwort, *Borage, *Thistle, *Staghorn Sumac, *Burdock Flowers, *Basil, *Chanterelles, *Tulsi, *Calendula, *Raspberry leaf, *Wild Basil, *Tulsi, Lambs quarters, *Borage, *Rhubarb, *Catnip, *Red Clover, Yellowdock seeds, *Chicory Flowers, *Goldenrod, *Chamomile, *Lavender, *Spearmint, *Nasturtium, *Yarrow, *Anise Hyssop, Self Heal, *Echinacea, *St John's Wort, *Lemonbalm
* = wild Foraged / Farm Grown

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