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Ultimate Natural relief of Poison Ivy/Sumac/Oak Kit


Image of Ultimate Natural relief of Poison Ivy/Sumac/Oak Kit

2 oz. Plantain Tincture - internal use
(Instructions for use will be included)

4 oz, glass reusable jar - so it will last you!

ALL-Natural Premium Itch Relief Paste - relief from a bug bite to the nastiest poison ivy

All organic ingredients:
***We either grow it or source it out from Mountain Rose Herbs
Green Clay
Pink Himalayan Salt
Witch Hazel
Peppermint Oil

This herbal creation works WELL to stop the itch and dry up the infected area. Acts fast to relieve any annoying itch. All natural and organic ingredients sourced from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Shelf life of a year plus and If it dries up at all, just add witch hazel or water to make paste-y again.

This also doubles as a natural toothpaste!! That's right, toothpaste! :)

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