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Image of Garlic and Leek Honey Syrup 🌿 100% permaculture farm grown

Garlic and Leek Honey Syrup 🌿 100% permaculture farm grown

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We have a batch of 100% permaculture grown Garlic and Leek Honey syrup available this weekend and online❗🌿

Cooked slow and low in a small batch with love and healing intention.

We combined 2 of the best anti-virals with our raw superfood & organically produced, chemical free H O N E Y❗🍯

Leeks, which are stalks from an onion-like plant in the allium family of vegetables, are
full of flavonoid antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. A one-cup serving will provide a hefty dose of vitamin K, manganese, vitamin B6, iron, folate and vitamin C.

Allicin and alliin, also found in garlic, are sulfur-containing phytochemicals in leeks. They are natural antibiotics that have antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-thrombotic properties, and reduce risk of disease.

And garlic, oh sweet garlic, has been used as an anti-everything for centuries. It was even prescribed to patients by the father of medicine himself, Hippocrates. ❤🙌

Diallyl sulfide, a compound in garlic, was found 100 times more effective than two popular antibiotics in fighting bacterium, according to a study published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy.

Food is medicine, friends ❗

Feeling under the weather? Sore throat or cough? Want an immune boost? ...Take a delicious spoonful! Add to any recipe to give it a sweet and savory kick. Serve with local cheeses. And we love it in omelets or on toast!
Get creative!!❤🌿🍯

Hurry, this won't long!

And as always if picking up from our lockbox in Elmira,
(Located at approximately 1 Sullivan Crest Rd Elmira, NY between Sullivan Crest Rd and Log Haven Acres Rd. on County Route 60 off Jerusalem Hill Rd - You can't miss it!)
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Then, please send us an email at and let us know the time and date you would like to pick up, and we will send you the lockbox door code.
Please keep in mind that everything is made FRESH and in small batches so we will always need at least 24 hours notice for a lockbox order pick up, possible more if a weekend.

If having your order shipped, please allow 3 days to 1 week for delivery and you will receive notification when it ships.

Thanks for understanding, and thanks for your order!

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